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Profile : Edit Privacy Settings

Edit Privacy Settings

Control who can send you messages
When you first join billion7, by default, any other registered billion7 user can send you a message. There are two different ways they can send you a message. They can either fill in a form on a webpage which will generate an email, or they can use the internal billion7 messaging system. If you don't want to be sent a message by people who you don't know, then you can edit your privacy settings so that you can only be contacted by your contacts. If you so wish, you can, even block all users from sending you a message.

If you have a business, band, or club account, then the settings are slightly different because non-billion7 users are allowed to send you an email message.

Control who can see your contacts list
By default, everyone can view your contacts list. In your privacy settings you can change this so only you, or only your contacts can view who is in you contacts list.

Control who can see you in other peoples contact lists
You can prevent yourself from appearing in other peoples contacts list. If you are signed in, you will be able to see yourself in the contacts list of others, but no one else will.