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Billion7HelpWhat are usernames used for?
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What are usernames used for?

Your username is used to make a simple link or URL to your profile page. For example the username for the billion7 support account is billion7support, which means that a link to its profile page looks like:

If no username had been created the URL would look like:

which is not as tidy and a lot less memorable.

Because your username forms part of the URL to your profile page it must conform to a standard, which means it cannot contain any spaces and must only contain lower case letters ( a-z ), numerals ( 0-9 ), a period ( . ), a hyphen ( - ), or an underscore ( _ ).

If you don't enter a username when you register a new account, you can change your username in your 'Account' section whenever you are signed in.

If you have a business account we strongly recommend that you create a username, as this will help search websites such as Google find links to your profile and information.